Monsieur l’abbé Philippe Laguérie, moderator general of the Institute of The Good Shepherd,

Monsieur l’abbé Paul Aulagnier, rector of the seminary Saint Vincent de Paul

and Monsieur l’abbé Yannick Vella, rector of the parish of Saint Eloi;

Request the pleasure of your company at the Pontifical Mass for the ordinations to the Priesthood of

Messieurs les abbés Grégory Lutz-Wiest, Karol Zaleski and Mateusz Markiewicz



Joign us in prayers for our Seminary

Saint Jean Gabriel Perboyre.jpg


Dear beloved friends,


In recent weeks there have been rumors about our seminary, which are well-founded.  As we have been presented with some seemingly insurmountable difficulties, I am asking that you join us in begging God to help us in this urgent situation.




Saint Vincent de Paul Seminary in Courtalain (close to Chartres), under the direction of Rev. Fr. Roch Perrel, is at full capacity – even over capacity.  At this time in the seminary we have 33 seminarians and 5 priests, but the seminary only contains 28 rooms in 2 houses. The current house, which was certainly acquired providentially, makes the life of the seminary very complicated, but the pioneers will keep the merits and good memories…


In 2006, during the urgent situation of the creation of our Institute, and with the help of Fr. Aulagnier, we found this house. With the growing number of seminarians last year, the problem of lack of room came.

7th March for life in Paris on sunday january 23rd

 « Morally responsible openness to life represents a rich social and economic resource. » Caritas in Veritate n°44. This is by this quotation of the Holy Father, pope Benedict XVI, that the Institute of the Good Shepherd renew his support to the “7th Marche for life” who will take place in Paris on Sunday 23rd. This support must follow the Prayer vigil for All Nascent Human Life, largely followed last november 27th, by the entire Church kneeling with the Holy Father. 

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